We will transfer your pet to his/her vet. Or grooming appointment, doggie daycare or anywhere else. $25 per hour round trip (within 10 miles of your home, one hour minimum).


This service is available to simplify future visits and to avoid drop off/pick up surcharges. Your will be stored in a locked location separate from your key code.


An initial consultation designed to let you and your dog or pets get acquainted with us. During the visit, we will:

• Address any questions or concerns you may have.

• Go over schedule and pricing.

• Collect payment or deposit.

• Pick up keys.

You’ll have the option of keeping your keys on file to simplify future visit, and to avoid key drop-off/pick-up surcharges. Please have a spare key ready at the time of the consult. An additional trip to pick up keys will incur a $10 surcharge.


• Pricing: $12/per visit or $40/overnight stay


• Bringing in mail/packages/news papers

• Watering plants

• Rotation of indoor/outdoor lights and blinds or drapes

• Assess residence to make sure everything is in place: no signs of intrusion, disturbance, etc.


A$2.00 per visit surcharge applies to all services on Saturdays and Sundays.

An after-hours surcharge applies to all visit before 8am and after 7pm.

A $5.00 per visit surcharge applies to all following Holidays.

A $25.00 per visit surcharges to all overnight visits to the following Holidays:

     New Year’s Eve                                    Memorial Day                                Columbus Day

     New Year's Day                                   Independence Day                     Thanksgiving

     Easter Day                                               Labor Day                                        Christmas Eve

                                                                                                                                            Christmas Day



Price start at $15 per visit depending on the number of pets and services involved. Payment in advance is required for pet sitting services in order to reserve your dates.

Visits last about 30 minutes includes:

     • Feeding

     • Watering all pets

     • Play time for your cat or dog

     • Lots of love and attention

     • Scooping the litter box or boxes for cats

     • A 15 minute walk for dogs

     • Plant watering ( as requested )

     • Bring in the mail / news papers

     • Adjusting the drapes/lights for that lived – in look

     • A quick security check


Pricing $45/night We arrive between 7 and 8pm and leave between 7 and 8am. Includes:

     • Two walks ( morning and evening )

     • If an additional mid-day visit/walk is requested, the regular dog – walking rate will apply.

     • Payment in advance is required to reserve your dates.

Is your dog getting the exercise they need on a regular basis? Are they lonely while you are at work all day? Your dog will be much healthier, happier and calmer if he / she is able to go for a walk, get some outside time and relieve themselves.

     Weekday walks: $15 for a 30 – minute walk

     Weekend walks: $17 for a 30 – minute walk

     Add $5 per walk for each additional dog

This Includes: fresh water, plus winding down time


We want to make sure your dog is Happy and Healthy:

During severe weather (extreme cold or heat, blizzard condition, etc.) the visit will include a short walk and outside relief break. The rest will consist of indoor play time.


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